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Eddie Mercer Agri-Services

Eddie Mercer Agri-Services, Inc. was recently featured on Community Focus Online.

"Ice Melt Delivery In Frederick, Maryland Serving The Area For Over 30 Years

It is a well-known fact that there is no one institution that has done more to assist the development of agriculture in this area than Eddie Mercer Agri-Services. They operate one of the finest establishments in the state. It was created to be a place where farmers, landscapers and other businesses could go for their seed, fertilizer, bag lime and more and be sure they were getting the best and most for their money. This well-established firm also offers all ice melting, bag fertilizer and fertilizer bulk products.

Through their service, many of the farmers in the surrounding communities and rural districts have been supplied with quality seed and farm supplies at lower prices and have thus been enabled to operate more efficiently and at greater profit. Eddie Mercer Agri-Services is owned and operated by people who are familiar with the various seed, fertilizer and other farm and lawn products available. The staff there knows your needs and stand ready to assist you in every way they can. They invite farmers, landscapers and other businesses to stop in any time.

Since Eddie Mercer Agri-Services is locally owned and operated, they are very knowledgeable about agricultural affairs in the area. Their dedication to improving their products has earned for them an excellent reputation for miles around."

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