Liquid Fertilzer

Eddie Mercer Agri-Services, Inc., has been blending fertilizer for use throughout the Frederick County and surrounding counties for 37 years.  Our current liquid fertilizer facility was built in 1997. In 2014 a Murray automated blending system was installed.  Our current liquid storage for fertilizer blends is over 6000 gallons and we have 12 bulk chemical tanks that hold 2500 gallons each.   
  • Liquid Nitrogen sources: 30-0-0
  • Sulfate Sources: 9-0-0-13S
  • Liquid Phosphorus: Phosphoric Acid 0-54-0
  • Soluable Potash 0-0-62
  • 11-37-0 and 10-34-0
  • Liquid Corn Starters – 9-27-0-2S-.5Z.   
  • Our custom blended corn starter has added micro nutrients.


  • Tanker trailer deliveries and also tandem size loads available for delivery.

Custom Application

  • Eddie Mercer Agri-Services offers state of the art application services for our customers, we use only late model application equipment.  This equipment offers precise application, GPS and auto shut off capabilities.  Our trained employees offer our customers precise and timely applications to their farm.  Click here for more information>

Other Services