Wheat & Barley

We offer a variety of certified AgriPro wheat as well as our own Mercer Brand of wheat and barley.
All of our Seeds are treated with:
Vibrance Extreme

• Longer-lasting, broad-spectrum performance, better yields under stress.

• Offers “Halo of Protection” around the seed and root system.

• Boots rooting power thru disease protection.

• Protects seed to stimulate quality root systems.

• Encourages better emergence, stand establishment, nutrient uptakes.

Cruiser-Maxx Vibrance 
  • Combines best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity with industry-leading insect and broad-spectrum disease protection.

  • Boosts Rooting Power through longer-lasting disease protection that leads to more powerful roots and improved crop performance.

  • Contains Sedaxane, the first fungicide active ingredient from Syngenta developed specifically as a seed treatment.

Raxil MD Extra Fungicide

• Aids in control and suppression of diseases in seed and seedling.

• Strengthens the seedling under stressful planting and early season growing conditions.

• Protection of seed against economically important diseases affecting wheat, barley and oats.

2018 Mercer Brand MBX Wheat Varieties

NEW! Mercer Brand MBX 18-A-237

 This is a VERY early variety with heavy test weight. Excellent foliar disease tolerance including barley yellow dwarf and powdery mildew. Management strategy must include Fusarium. A bearded variety with excellent tillering and very strong straw. Plant heavy at 1.8 to 2.0 million seeds per acre.

NEW! Mercer Brand MBX 18-C-256

 Full season variety with excellent yield and good FHB tolerance. Good tolerance to soil virus and Hessian fly. Very strong tolerance to powdery mildew and stripe rust. Smooth head. Plant early. Plant at 1.65 to 1.8 million seeds per acre.

Mercer Brand MBX 17-M-245

This is a HIGH management wheat. An excellent choice for double crop. Early maturing with superior tolerance to stripe rust. Excellent overall agronomics, strong upright straw, beardless. Good head scab tolerance. Your investment in crop inputs will yield BIG returns. Averaged 105.8 Bu. in 6 Mercer plots in 2017.

Mercer Brand MBX 17-P-275

A superior combination of yield and agronomics. Beardless, early maturing with good resistance to stripe rust make this MBX variety a winner. Add excellent leaf and plant health and type I and type II scab tolerance to the list. Note: Plant this variety early as it thrives under a long Fall.

Mercer Brand MBX 16-B-203

Is a high yielding variety that carries the fhb1 gene for scab tolerance. Excellent performance under different environments and realizes full genetic potential in a high management environment. Keep an eye out for powdery mildew and stripe rust. Averaged 106.0 Bu. in 6 Mercer plots in 2017. The winning combination of top-end yield and scab tolerance.

Mercer Brand MBX 14-S-210

Excellent straw holds a big yield! Bearded. Good test weight. Top yields in broad area of soil types and growing conditions. Plant early.


*Fhb1 gene does not  stop the head from getting scab, but it does prevent the scab from spreading throughout the head.

2018 AgriPro Wheat Varieties

AgriPro SY 100

  • This is HIGH management wheat.

  • Above average head scab, powdery

  • mildew and stripe rust resistance.

  • Superior grain quality and test weight.

  • Smooth headed, upright strong straw.

  • Excellent winter survival.

AgriPro SY 547

  • Medium early, strong straw.

  • Top yields. Smooth head. Widely adapted to all soil types.

  • Excellent disease tolerance to scab and powdery mildew.

  • High management = high returns. Averaged 102.3 Bu.in 12 Mercer plots in 2016.

AgriPro SY 483

  • Excellent yield potential under intense management strategies.

  • Smooth head. Very good winter survival and Rhizoctonia tolerance.

  • Very good soil virus and stripe rust tolerance.


Public Wheat Variety


Released by Va. Tech, Hilliard is bearded with high yield potential and

excellent straw strength. This variety has resistance to powdery

mildew, barley yellow dwarf and leaf rust. Straw is medium height.

Hilliard is late maturing.

2018 Triticale

Mercer Brand Arcia Triticale

  • Excellent adoption to southern and northern growing environments.

  • Early maturing, rapid spring growth.

  • Medium-tall top forage tonnage.

  • Above average disease tolerance.

  • Top forage quality for greenchop and silage.

  • Plant heavy 150+ pounds per acre.

  • Takes manure well.

  • Starts spring growth early. Winter survival +.

Did You Know?

Triticale was first mentioned in Scottish Botanist’s journals as early as 1875. It is one of the first crops to be cross pollinated long before the concept of “hybrid” entered the seed world. Taking advantage of wheat’s disease resistance and ryes rapid growth triticale forage quality is superior to either of its parents. Triticale as a feed grain is equal to wheat and barley.

2018 Barley Varieties


Is a high-yield, high test weight, early heading, short bearded,

short stature, six row winter barley having good winter

hardiness. The spikes are upright with short beards. Grain

quality of Secretariat is superior. It exhibits good resistant to

all of the prevalent barley diseases except, like Thoroughbred

is susceptible to Fusarium Head Blight.


Is a high yielding, full season, bearded, variety having very

good straw strength, high test weight and bright plump seed.

It is 3 - 4 inches shorter and straw strength similar to Nomini.

Thoroughbred is susceptible to powdery mildew and requires

top management for top yields. It is moderately susceptible to

leaf rust and net blotch.


Is an early maturing, medium tall, six-row, smooth head, winter

feed barley. Nomini has good winter hardiness with field

resistance to mildew, scald, net blotch, spot blotch, and barley

yellow dwarf. Nomini is moderately susceptible to the prevalent

leaf rust races


Is a high-yielding, moderately early heading, short stature

variety having high test weight and good winter hardiness.

Atlantic is resistant to powdery mildew and moderately resistant

to leaf rust. Atlantic yields grain of superior quality.

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